Hope Cultural Center

Centro Cultural Esperanza

A short description, by Sylvia Askey

A small village in the mountains of Mexico (in Durango state), Covandonga (Ejido Nuevo Covadonga), has been on my heart for many years. I have been helping with a church retreat here since it began in the mid-90s. While much has been accomplished, I wanted to do more, personally.

Hope Cultural Center (HCC) began to take shape in my mind, as... a bridge between the ordinary and the sacred; a place for the community to gather to hold events; a place for outsiders to come to offer seminars and host retreats; a place to learn and to grow; a safe haven; a resource.

Taking advantage of a piece of property that I have in Covadonga, in addition to my little house and office, I have begun to construct an auditorium for events. This auditorium is a quarter circle in shape, and ??? square feet in area (data to be added). The concrete floor and raised stage area have been completed, and the walls are partially up. Behind the stage area a band shell will be constructed. A restroom has also been started. As time and money permit the walls will be completed and doors and windows installed. Finally the stage area will be roofed over, giving cover for performers and focussing the sound towards the audience.

I am newly retired and have now made three extended visits to Covadonga since the fall of 2010. With the assistance of a couple of Christian brothers we have begun making regular visits to three neighboring villages for Bible studies. A Bible club has also been started. This work grows and continues as God enables it to do so.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my work, and thanks for your interest.
Sincerely yours...
Sylvia Askey

(Photos coming soon!)

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  2. Thanks Beej... I'm sure Sylvia appreciates that.

  3. This sounds like a worthwhile project. How is HCC doing today in 2017? Does Sylvia has her own branded website? I wish her all the best.


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